Fellow Spotlight: Naomi Solanke

Feb 13, 2019

Our second spotlight this week is Naomi S. 

Naomi was recently featured in a Front Page Africa article discussing the recent launch of the Liberian Women Humanitarian Network (LWHN) and her organization's call for the Liberian Government and International Non-governmental organizations to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Liberia. 

“What makes our response so different is we are women specific," says Naomi, discussing her organization's approach. "For example, our response is going to carry menstruation pad; while a response that is headed by man is not going to do that. Our assessment takes into consideration how many women, men children and people with disability. So, we have a full understanding of who and what we were responding to."

Read more about Naomi's work on her Ashoka profile, and be sure to visit her ChangemakHERS page to learn more about her interests and connect with her.

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