5 Ways to Foster a Global Mindset in Your Company

Jul 08, 2019

Ashoka Fellows are leaders and changemakers elected in their respective communities and countries. But while all are elected locally, some Fellows' ideas travel beyond borders to benefit the global community. So how could you, too, scale up and go global?

Nataly Kelly, VP of International Operations and Strategy at HubSpot write in the Harvard Business Review about 5 ways to nurture a global mindset that would help you take your organisation globally. Make globalization a mantra, Infuse more international expertise, Create an international steering group, Watch out for legacy systems and processes, and Recognize that organizational change takes time. These five tenants for changing one's mindset could be helpful in helping your organisation fuel global social change.

Read more here, and tell us in the comment section whether you found some of these ways helpful in your personal experience of scaling up!


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